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If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced painting contractor in the Tree Streets area of Nashua, look no further than South Hillsborough House Painters. We’ve completed hundreds of successful projects in the area, and we’re experts in both commercial and residential painting. We’ll work with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, and we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and see what we can do for you. Thank you for your time!

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Painting Services Northwest Nashua, Nashua, NH

Painting your house is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.

If you’re thinking about painting your house, here are some things to consider before you start:

Color: Does the color of your home match the color of your mood? If not, now’s the time to change it!

Quality of Existing Paint: Is the paint on your walls peeling off? Now’s the time to fix that problem once and for all!

Total Work: Are there areas of your home that need touching up? We can help with that too!

Interior or Exterior: Do you want a fresh new look for the interior or exterior of your home? We can help with that too!

South Hillsborough House Painters is here to assist you, and we will collaborate with you at each stage of the painting project to ensure that we achieve EXACTLY what YOU want to see accomplished with the project. Since we are aware of how much effort is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly, you have our word that we will strive to make this experience as hassle-free as is humanly possible for you.

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Residential House Painting

South Hillsborough House Painters specializes in exceptional residential house painting services. From small-to-large homes, you can count on us to rejuvenate your home’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint from corner to corner.

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Exterior Painting

Our team provides exterior painting for every type of exterior surface. Whether it’s stucco, wood, brick, or any other type of material, you can rely on us to add a splash of life to your building’s exterior with our exterior painting services.

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Interior Painting

Bedrooms, ceilings, trim, and more — our fully-fledged interior painting services can help you tie the room together and present a refreshed appearance that lasts for years to come. What’s more, our interior painters are experts at color matching too.

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Commercial Painting

Our painters can help refurbish your commercial property with our commercial painting services. From small storefronts to large logistics warehouses, there’s no commercial building we can’t cover with a fresh coat of paint.

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Staining & Sealing

Want to add some more pop to your wood surfaces? Our staining and sealing experts will slather on a nice finish that turns plain wood finishes into exotic and attractive finished surfaces. We can handle cabinets, floors, trim, and more.

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Things to Consider Before You Embark on a DIY Painting Project instead of hiring a professional painting service

What color do you want? Before beginning any painting project, you need to make a decision regarding this matter first and foremost. You will achieve the best results if you choose a color that is complementary to the colors already on your walls; however, if you are interested in trying something more daring, you should go for it. Do you have any idea how to combine different colors? 

How much prep work do you need to do? If you have old paint on the walls, then there will be some prep work involved in removing it. Do you have the equipment needed?

Do you have the time? If this is going to be a long project and there are other things going on in your life (like kids), then it’s most likely going to take a lot longer than you think. A safe bet is probably to think about how fast you could do it in perfect conditions, and then double it.

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Expert Painters

All of our painters are best-in-class professionals with a drive for delivering unbeatable results. We treat our painting jobs as if they were being done in our own homes - with care and expert precision.

Service First

There's no substitute for excellent customer service. Our painting company understands the importance of excellent customer service. You can count on us to deliver a painting service that's second-to-none.

Ethical & Up-Front

No hidden charges, no pushy sales tactics. We're here to help you with your painting needs and we're here to do them right. You can depend on us for ethical and up-front pricing. You deserve nothing less.

Why Us?

House Painters You Can Count on in Northwest Nashua

If you’ve ever thought about having your home or business repainted, you’ve probably wondered where you might find the finest painting company in your area to do the job. We have some wonderful news for you: there is no need for you to search any farther than South Hillsborough Home Painters.

House Painting Company

South Hillsborough House Painters is a house painting company that offers a comprehensive range of services. In addition to offering our clients services of the highest possible quality and paying painstaking attention to every last detail, we will also manage every facet of the project on your behalf. Because our staff is knowledgeable in the most recent painting methods and products, you can rest assured that the paint job you commission from us will be of the highest quality and will last for many years.

Commercial Painting

South Hillsborough House Painters is a commercial painting company that offers a full range of services. We are committed to giving our customers the highest level of satisfaction possible, and we take pride in the quality of our work. We are able to improve the look of your commercial property, increase its value, protect it from the elements for the long term, and more all through the application of paint.

Exterior Painting

If you hire South Hillsborough House Painters, you won’t just get the exterior of your home painted. You will have access to a group of skilled painters who are familiar with enhancing the appearance of residential properties to their full potential. First, we’ll collaborate with you to select the colors that will look best in your house, and then we’ll paint it all using our extensive painting experience and meticulous attention to detail.

Interior Painting

Our interior painters are experts when it comes to painting all of the surfaces that you have inside your home, including the walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and other various surfaces. Eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, satin, and high-gloss are just some of the different paint finishes that are available from our company. Our staff will take you through all of your choices so that you can select the alternative that caters to both your requirements and your financial constraints in the most effective manner. If you require it, we are also able to provide color consultations. We are not only here to paint the interior of your home, but also the exterior, because our primary goal is to improve the appearance of your property.

Staining and Sealing

When it comes to staining and sealing your home, you need the assistance of a trained professional who is familiar with the process. It is surprisingly simple to make a mistake that makes the entire thing look bad, which is one of the reasons why staining and sealing is one of those things that can look really bad if done incorrectly and is one of those things that is one of those things. South Hillsborough House Painters possesses all of the experience and knowledge required to guarantee that the staining and sealing process will go off without a hitch and that you will be satisfied with the final product.

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Don’t paint yourself into a corner! Painting your own home is a lot of work, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of preparation that goes into getting the job done right. That’s where we come in! Our team members are experienced in preparing houses for paint jobs, so they can make sure you have everything you need to do the job right. 

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More About Our Painting Services

Painting tasks could be more physically demanding and less appealing than they initially appear. The vast majority of people put in long hours of labor during the week, and because of this, they should not spend their entire weekend painting a house or room. When you factor in the price of drop cloths, rollers, and brushes, your do-it-yourself project becomes less appealing. In order to successfully finish the project, we strongly suggest that you hire one of the skilled painters that we have available in the Nashua metro area. We are a painting company that is owned and operated by a family, and we would be interested in working for you. We have years of experience in this field, and we want to ensure that every stage of the process goes smoothly so that we can meet and even exceed your standards. In order to guarantee that you are happy with the results of our work, the house painters in Gulfport that we employ will provide you with a free estimate and will only use the highest-quality paints.

When looking for a professional painter, you should make sure the company you hire has previous experience performing the kind of work you want done, as well as a track record in the community in which you currently reside. Our painting company has been offering high-quality painting, wallpapering, trim painting, and drywall installation services for many years.

You should also look for an expert who is familiar with the most up-to-date products and methods. As a result of the fact that we are aware that these two are subject to ongoing development and modification, we make a concerted effort to stay abreast of all the most recent practices.

The most important thing is to find somebody who will pay attention to what you have to say, respect not only your specific requirements and point of view, but also your home, and will behave respectfully toward anyone living there. Because we are aware of how important your home is to you, we will clean it as thoroughly as if it were our very own and will make sure that the work area is spotless when we are finished.

When you hire a painting company, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any problems or messes; instead, you’ll get excellent results from the work that’s done.